Atrial Fibrillation Educational Video

Job Details:



Mays Entertainment - production company



Long-form educational video on atrial fibrillation




Shoot Dates:

Tuesday & Wednesday, September 20 and 21

Talent needed both days, although 2nd day will probably wrap early.

Shooting in Indianapolis


This will be used on the web and for conferences/presentations/educational tools.  No Broadcast.


$ 2,000 total (less commission)

No hotel or travel fees provided, must work as local

Project Summary:

The project features renown, St Vincent heart surgeon, Dr. Eric Prystowsky. He is self-funding a project - outside of the hospital - on atrial fibrillation. He’s one of the world’s leading experts and wants to create something like an infomercial-style piece - about 25-30 minutes long - that explains his processes. A lot of the video will be the doctor explaining his processes over animation and other b-roll, but the host will be there to set him up for different segments and do a little interaction/ad-libbing as needed.   




Female or Male | 30s - 50s | Any Ethnicity

The host is there to set up each segment and the doctor leading this video.  Host should appear confident and friendly.  Able to not only deliver the scripted dialogue, but also be able to ad-lib with the doctor.  (Someone with news/hosting/presenting experience would be a plus, but not required)


  1. Below is a PDF with the audition script.  If you are interested and available on the shoot days, please self-tape an audition and submit by Monday (10AM).

  2. You can upload the video to the button below.  

  3. You can frame mid-chest up.  If you need any self-taping tips, please visit here.