Angela's Tale Short Film

Job Details:



Angela's Tale



Short Film 


Deonna Weatherly





Shoot Dates:

November 4-8th tentatively


Indianapolis, Indiana



Auditions - self-tape, due by Tuesday, September 7th 6pm

Callbacks - Saturday, September 11th - location TBD 

(Or if you can't make the callback, I'm sure they can be flexible)

Covid Precautions:

Fully vaccinated or neg, test 2 days prior to shoot. Rapid test is approved. Temps to be taken on set, and masks on when not on camera or double ditching.


Angela, an African American woman healing from an accident, struggles with narcolepsy, nightmares and memory loss. Meanwhile, her husband struggles to keep his loyalty to both his wife and himself. And Angela’s psychiatrist takes an opportunity to delve deeper into her field.



Female | 30s | Black

Lead.  Shoots 3 days.  $400 total

She is the main character in the film. She is a serious and very successful lawyer. Will have to be played by someone with the ability to show a range of emotions.



Male | 30s | Black

Shoots 3 days.  $250 total

Angela’s husband. He is a resident in Lisa’s office and is having an affair with Lisa. He’s struggling to find his loyalty for his wife and himself.


Female | Late 30s to 40s | Caucasian

Shoots 3 days.  $250 total.

She is Angela’s psychiatrist and Will’s boss. She has a very sterile and cold facade. Must also be played by someone with the ability to show a range of emotions.


Female | 30s | Black

Shoots 1 day.  $100

She is Angela’s best friend and the light comic relief in the film. She is very energetic, sassy, and fun-loving which is a contrast to her workaholic friend Angela.


  1. PDFs below with sides for each role.  As well as a PDF for entire short film.

  2. Self-tapes are due by September 7th at 6:00 PM. Send audition links to and  You can mention in the body of the email you are with Talent Fusion. 

  3. They will contact those they would like to see for a callback.