Ascension St. Vincent - Audition

Summary/Notes from Casting Director:

We are casting for several short scenes in real hospital settings. The hospitals are providing the docs and nurses. We are casting the patients and their family members, care-givers etc. Most scenarios will have a patient and a support person (parent, child, partner, etc.). Everyone will be in a standard surgical type mask the entire time they are on set. Of course they will have to be appropriately screened at entry, just like anyone entering a hospital currently.


The client has put a three-year buy-out on this but it’s important to note that they are going to be filming in masks so it is highly unlikely they will run that long. The point of the campaign is to entice non-covid patients to begin returning to the hospital for their regular/on-going health care needs. I would imagine this will be a pretty short running campaign.


There will be 26 actors selected. They should be strong facial performers so that we can read emotions by their eyes and physicality. Of the 26, we expect about six of the actors chosen to be pediatric patients (5-16) and 6 to be over 50. The remainder will be split pretty evenly between 20s, 30s and 40s. 4 of the adults will be expectant couples so if you have any pregnant ladies, we want to see them!

Job Details:


Client:           Ascension St. Vincent Hospitals

Job:              Series of spots (video + stills)

Status:          Non-Union

Usage:          3 Year - All media - Central Indiana

Shoot:           One 1/2 Day, week of May 10 - 14th in Indianapolis area

                    Let us know if there are any conflicts.  (Possible could be shoots into evening, too)    

Rate:            $800 (less commission)

                    For out of state talent - there will be some mileage reimbursement

Deadline:       Self-tapes due to us by Friday, April 30th 3pm  

                    If you need more time this weekend, let us know.



Female & Male | Ages 5 - 80 | All Ethnicities

*Real couples, parent/child, etc. are welcome to audition, but each person should do a separate video file.


If you have any conflicts the week of May 10-14th, please list it and submit on the Google Form below.  Audition videos can be uploaded to the button further down the page.

Audition Information:

Below is a PDF with audition instructions.  Please read everything carefully and follow instructions!

Note they would like to file saved as an .mp4 file and you should name the file:  LastName_FirstName_TalentFusion  (rename the file before you upload to us)

If you need some tips on doing a good self-taped auditions, formatting, etc.:   click here.

When you are finished, you can upload your audition here as well:

Please make sure it is .mp4 format

Audition Instructions: