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Midwest Bath - Audition

Job Details:



Midwest Bath






13 weeks - TV - Indiana

Shoot Date:

TBD - week of February 27th

1/2 Day shoot





$ 700 (less commission)

*No travel fees/hotel for out of town talent, must work as local     



ERICA (Spokesperson/host type)

Female | 30 - 55 | Any Ethnicity

This is a spokesperson type, who will be not only addressing the viewers through the camera, but is interacting with a bath expert.  Delivery should be more news anchor type delivery, professional, not overly theatrical.


Male | 32-60 | Any Ethnicity 

Think more conversational than theatrical. Casual to the point you don't need to memorize the lines word for word. The less rehearsed he seems the better

Audition Information

  • Below is a script for a self-taped audition. You don't have to have the lines memorized word for word, it may seem more natural to just ad-lib a bit, but keeping the same general idea of what the lines are saying.  Keep it more conversational.  You don't need to do the whole script, just maybe a couple sections.

  • You can upload the video to the button below, by this Friday (17th) by Noon.

  • You can slate with your name/agency.  But please have the slate and audition edited as one video file.  And please have the file size be no larger than 60 MB.  If you need to compress the file before uploading, there are free online converters like this:



Audition Script:

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