Blink Photo Shoot

Job Details:



Blink  (they make blinds that come between glass in windows)


Photo Shoot




5 Years - Trade/Business-to-Business print and web usage

Shoot Dates: 

Adult - Shoots 1/2 day on Thurs 8/4 and full day Fri 8/5 

Kid - Shoots 1/2 day on Thurs 8/4

Shooting in Indianapolis


Adult - $1,500 total for 1.5 days/usage (less commission)

Kid - $ 675 total for half-day/usage (less commission)

*No travel fees/hotel from non-local talent, must work as a local




Male | mid 20s - early 40s | Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, Ethnically Ambiguous

We won't see much of this person's face, more of a body and hands.  The half-day shoot is more hand modeling and the full day will have body shots.  Model will be wearing slacks, shirt and tie, with tighty-whities on the outside of the pants.  Should be fairly fit/trim.


Male | around 6-10 years old | Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, Ethnically Ambiguous

They want a boy with hair long enough to style somewhat wacky (think like Dennis the Menace hair with a part sticking up), so not buzzed hair.  Child needs to take direction well and can have fun.  Also, the scene has them chewing bubble gum, blowing a bubble and having it burst on their face, so needs to be able to do that.  (Don't worry - they'll keep it out of his hair)

Submission Information:

  1. Reply via the Google Form below to let us know if you'd like submitted or not.

  2. Client has requested specific photos for submissions, please upload to the button below.  And please make sure the files are labeled with your name on the hand photos, so we know whose they are.

    • Adults - Have someone take a current digital photo of you, full length shot, as well as a photo of your hands.  Using your phone's camera is fine, doesn't need to be a professional photo.  (see sample below, both hands in same photo)​

    • Kids - Please take a current digital photo of your child, head and shoulder shot.  As well, take a photo of them blowing a bubble with chewing gum (and/or having it pop on their face).

   3. Deadline for replies/photos:  MONDAY 7/25, 10AM

hand pics.jpg

Sample hand photos - for adults