Blue Short Film Casting

Job Details:



Pigasus Pictures (


Blue Short Film (non-union)

Shoot Dates: 

Fri, Sat, Sun - October 28-30th

Columbus, Indiana


$200 per day

Meals/Lodging/Travel/Copy + Credit provided

(We will only take 10% commission)





Female | can play 15-17 years old | Any Ethnicity

A young woman struggling with depression/anxiety who learns to see the beauty of the everyday around her. 3 days shooting


Male | 40 - 60s | Any Ethnicity

A wise (perhaps divine) stranger Blue meets along her travels. (Think Clarence from It's a Wonderful Life) 3 days shooting


Female | 40s - 50s | Any Ethnicity

Blue's mom, obviously concerned for her daughter's well-being. 1 day shooting

Submission Information:

  1. Respond to the Google Form below and let us know if you want submitted or not and list any dates of conflict.

  2. Initially, we are just submitting profiles of photos/resume/reels.  If interested, they may ask for a video audition or Zoom callback of some kind.

  3. Deadline to respond: Tomorrow, Friday 21st, 10AM

Copy of Script: