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Bone Dry Roofing Casting

Job Details:



Bone Dry Roofing

Production Company:



a series of 12 x :15 commercials (non-union)

Shoot Dates: 

TBD - 1 day in Mid-March

Indianapolis, Indiana area


$ 9,600 (less commission) total

   (includes: $1,200 for 1 shoot day session fee and $700 usage for each :15 spot x 12)

  • Travel/Hotel provided by production

  • If Bone Dry decides they would like to run this in another state or run in Indiana again after the initial term, there will be a set buyout rate of $10,000 (less commission)


1 Year - TV / Web / Social Media - Indiana




Male | 40s - 60s | Caucasian

This is the main guy in all the spots.  Pleasant, likeable, folksy man.  Think a middle-aged Wilford Brimley or the character in the old Bartles & James wine cooler spots.

Submission Information:

  1. Respond to the Google Form below and let us know if you plan to audition or not.

  2. Below is a PDF with the audition scripts so you can self-tape an audition.  Note that there are twelve (12) short :15 scripts.  They would like you to do all the spots.  Some notes are on the first page of the PDF.  

  3. Deadline:  Please repsond to the Google Form as soon as you can.  But the self-taped auditions are not due until next Tuesday, December 20th by Noon.  If you would like to come into the office to have us film the audition, please let us know.  We can have you come in Monday or Tuesday afternoon.

Audition Notes/Script:

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