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Eagle Pharmaceuticals Photo Shoot

Job Details:



CenterPoint Energy


Commercial (Non-union)



2 Years - regional TV/Web/Social Media

Shoot Location:

Evansville, Indiana

Shoot Dates:

TBD - first week of October

(each talent only needed 1 day)



Adults - $ 1,000 (less our commission)

Kids/Teens - $ 700 (less our commission)

*$75 gas stipend per car

*No hotel provided, must self-report to Evansville area


*Please note there are four different spots in this campaign, with about 20 roles total.  Some are similar specs, so for the audition, you can just select 1 role to audition with and you may end up being cast in another role.  They just really want to see how you deliver lines, expression, etc.

"Family Out to Dinner"



Female or Male | 20s or older | Any Ethnicity


Female | 30s - 40s | Any Ethnicity


Male | 30s - 40s | Any Ethnicity


Female & Male | 7 - 16 | Any Ethnicity

*Open to real families too or individuals to pair together.

"Taking Care of Each Other"


Man Cooking Dinner

Male | 25 - 45 | Any Ethnicity

Mom (of adult man)

Female | Late 50s or older | Any Ethnicity

Dad (of adult man)

Male | Late 50s or older | Any Ethnicity

"Netflix and Hang"

Group of Friends (4 or so)

Male and Female | 18 - 25ish | Any Ethnicity

Submission Information:

  1. Please reply to the Google Form to let us know if you are auditioning or not, as well as any conflicts.

  2. Below is a PDF with the scripts and audition notes.  Please select only 1 role to audition for, although you will be considered for others.  They want to see how you deliver lines/look on camera.  

  3. If you need any self-taping tips, please visit:

  4. Upload auditions to the upload button below.  Due by Monday morning (25th) 10AM.  Although earlier is great.  

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