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Crew Carwash Holiday Spot

Job Details:



Crew Carwash







Shoot Dates:

Wednesday, October 19th (rain date Oct 20th)

Shooting in Indianapolis


13 weeks - TV/Web/Social Media

(Santa will also have print/billboard usage - 13 weeks)


Mr. Nick:  $ 2,500 total (less commission)

Kayla: $1,800 total (less commission)

No hotel or travel fees provided, must work as local



Male | 40s - 60s | Caucasian

He is like the symbolic Santa in the spot, but he isn't the traditional Santa at all.  He is just an eccentric guy driving a cool car.  Fun, suave.  Think of somewhere between "The Most Interesting Man in the World" and the Jeff Goldblum.  (You don't have to have gray hair or a beard, they can use fake ones if they need to, they are really more interested in the character/personality.  

Shoots: Wed, Oct 19th (rain date - 20th)

Rate:  $2,500 (less commission)


Female | 20s - 30s | Black, Hispanic, Asian, Middle-Eastern, Bi-Racial

She's a crew member for the carwash.  Chipper, charismatic and fun.

Shoots: Wed, Oct 19th (rain date - 20th)

Rate:  $1,800 (less commission)


  1. Please reply to the Google form to let us know if you plan on auditioning or if you are not available/interested in this project.

  2. Below is a PDF with the audition scripts for each role.  Please self-tape an audition and upload by tomorrow (Friday the 7th by Noon).  Note - there are 2 scenes for Mr. Nick.  It's OK to have your script for reference in the audition, if that will help with a good delivery.

  3. You can upload the video to the button below.  

  4. If you need any self-taping tips, please visit here.

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