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Delta Faucet - Shower Video

Job Details:


Delta Faucet



product video for shower faucets





For use on their domestic website - in perpetuity

(Although they update and film different videos fairly often)


Audition Dates:

Self-Tapes due by Thursday, 10am

Shoot Date: 

TBD - Mid-to-late April, full day





$800 (less our commission)

*No travel fees/hotel for out of town talent, must work as local                              


MODEL (for shower video)

Female |ages 25 and up | Any ethnicity

*Height either 5'6 or 5'7

*medium to long hair, darker, thick

*no tattoos chest up or arms

*skin does not get red from warm water

*Model will be in the water/shower on and off all day.  Will not be nude, but will appear as though they are taking a shower.  (See sample video in audition instructions)

Self-Tape Audition Information:

  • Please reference this sample video of one they previously shot:

  • For your audition video, just act out some of the actions like they were doing in the sample video.  You do NOT have to actually be in the shower for this.

  • You can upload your file to the uploader button below. (Due Thursday by 10am)

  • You can list any potential conflicts with dates on the Google Form.

  • Please check out this page if you need self-taping tips:   click here.

Google Form / Uploader:

File size 50MB or less.  .Mov or .mp4 format

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