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Indiana 811 Dig Casting

Job Details:



State of Indiana - Utility Regulatory Commission


Commercials - Indiana Dial 811 Program

(Calling before you dig in your yard to make sure there are no power lines)




Production Company:

Factory (Ross Simpson - director)


1 Year - TV/Web/Social - Indiana only

Shoot Dates:           

Each actor will work 2 days!  

Date changes:  Looking at Tuesday Dec 6th and Wednesday Dec 7th (but would like to also hold Monday Dec 5th). Please only audition if you're available these days.  Travel days will be one day before & after for out of town talent.

Shooting in Indianapolis.


Rates vary by role (see below)

*Hotel, flight or mileage and $50/day per diem for out of town talent.


811 Host

Male | 30-45 | African American

Speaking.  $500/day session; $2,500 usage = $3,500 total (less commission)

You can think “Jake from State Farm” or other comedic “straight men.” He’s congenial, charming, never snarky… He’s encouraging and fun but can give a look to the camera that says “this dog just ain’t gonna hunt!” … We never want our diggers to feel stupid or embarrassed … he’s the motivational speaker we’d all like to be and the friend we want to go to the bar with and tell all our funny stories to as well…


Male | 40s - 50s | Caucasian, Hispanic or Middle Eastern

Speaking.  $500/day session; $2,000 usage = $3,000 total (less commission)

Needs to look the part, we can put facial hair on someone but if they have it, great… Worn face can be added but if they have the look, great… movement and delivery and being “salty” is key… Pirate speak/accent of the “arggggH” variety wanted, deadpan humor – yep… He’ll be decked out like Jack Sparrow and have a hook for a hand by the time he’s on camera!


Male | 50s - 70s | Caucasian

Speaking.  $500/day session; $2,000 usage = $3,000 total (less commission)

He is your older English lord… He’s a gentleman and an explorer, a bit fussy and definitely eccentric! The monocle in the eye and all. He’ll be in the Victorian archeologist get-up with jodhpurs and a pith helmet and all… He’s been digging his whole life… or others have been digging where this highbrow man points his whole life.


Female | 30s - 55 | African American, Caucasian, Hispanic

Speaking.  $500/day session; $2,000 usage = $3,000 total (less commission)

She needs to be funny… she needs to be every day, a proud Mom, a proud gardener, a “can do” woman but could be a soccer mom type or a soft around the middle older home owner… so more the 35 to 55 range but we don’t want to miss any really great comedic actresses who can play off talking to a dog or standing in water when she dug too deep!


Male | 30s - 50s | Caucasian or Hispanic

Speaking.  $500/day session; $2,000 usage = $3,000 total (less commission)

This guy is like the Tool Time sidekick for Tim on Home Improvement… He’s quietly funny, he’s earnest, he’s not all buff but he’s not slovenly with the butt crack either. He’s the contractor, the foreman… He owns the company remodeling your house… We don’t necessarily hate facial hair on him but clean shaven is more the mode… but ACTING will outweigh facial hair we can trim. He’s a happy guy but he can get serious about digging. He’s likely the straight-man in the comedy scene.


Male | 30s - 60s | Caucasian

Speaking role (within group). $500/day session; $1,500 usage = $2,500 total (less commission)

This guy just needs to be a tad creepy, a bit musted up, life written on his face. Think Ichabod Crane, think that weird blond guy from Rocky Horror Picture Show and if you’re too young to know what I’m talking about just google it! This guys’ comedy will be in his skulky looks, his weird smiles and his creepiness that’s always funny and never sinister. He truly wants to learn how to dig 6 feet under safely! This guy has no on camera solo lines, he’s just reciting the 811 dig pledge or other group affirmations.

To Submit:

  • Please reply via the Google Form below to let us know if you will be self-taping for this or if you are unavailable/not interested.

  • Below are audition instructions for each role.  Please read carefully.  Self-taped auditions can be uploaded to the button below. Auditions due by this Friday, 10/28, Noon.

  • If you need self-taping tips, please visit our self-taping page.

Audition Instructions/Scripts:

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