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Dirty Laundry Short Film

Job Details:



Dirty Laundry


Short Film (non-union)



Rocky Walls


When a mysterious stranger interrupts a laundry routine with words of wisdom and a random magic trick, two best friends find themselves inexplicably incapable of lying. As they work together to break the spell, they discover how much is at stake when the truth comes out.


Amidst the hum of washers and dryers at a laundromat, two friends hatch a plan to start a business that could change their lives. As they navigate through personal struggles and uncertainties, they meet a mysterious stranger who offers them a new perspective. This nostalgic and heartwarming film explores the ups and downs of friendship, the importance of taking risks, and the unexpected connections that can happen when we are faced with the truth.  Director's inspiration is Stand by Me meets Dead Poet's Society, with a tiny bit of Liar, Liar.  Takes places in the 90s.

Shoot Location:

Indianapolis, IN area


Shoot Dates:

TBD - mid-to-late December

(Some roles are college aged, so thought best to do during winter break when college students will be out of class.)


See roles.

Pay, plus copy/credit.



Male | 19 years old | Caucasian

Lead - 7 days, $300/day

Kyle is an energetic, passionate, risk-taker who has relentlessly tried to convince his best bud, Eric, to start a business with him since they graduated high school. Kyle’s positive outlook is in spite of a challenging young life. After his father disappeared without explanation, he and his mother were regularly on the move. Until Eric, he hadn’t kept a friend for more than a year. When faced with the enchantment of being unable to lie, Kyle is unworried and even entertained at first. As conversations get more personal, though, he becomes less comfortable with the burden of bearing the full truth about himself.


Male | 19 | Bi-Racial or Latino

Lead - 7 days, $300/day

Eric is cautious but loyal, and a good-hearted friend whose reluctance to fully pursue a business venture with Kyle has left them both in a yearlong state of limbo. Eric’s concerns stem from his parents’ disapproval and their traditional expectations of college and careers, along with a general suspicion of Kyle as an influence in his life. Eric’s reaction to the enchantment is instant panic. At first, he only wants to escape it, but he eventually embraces the possibility that it could be happening for a reason - a reason he’s at least intrigued to discover.


Female | mid 40s - 50s | Black

Supporting - 1-2 days, $300/day

Appearing out of nowhere, The Mysterious Stranger is a bubbly, yet stern woman who couldn’t help overhearing Kyle and Eric discussing their business idea. While inspired by their youthful energy, the Stranger also has a few words of wisdom about truth and friendship. She embellishes with a very unexpected coin trick. Her departure may be the least remarkable aspect of her time with our main characters, but the lingering effects of her visit set Kyle and Eric on a path of no return.


Female | around 40 | Caucasian

Supporting - 1-2 days, $300/day

Kyle’s quiet, but ferociously resilient mom. Christine displays an unconditional and supportive love for her son, as if drawing as much strength and inspiration from him as he does from her.


Male | 9 years old | Caucasian

Supporting - 1 day - $300/day

A young Kyle, who asks his mother about the disappearance of his father during a flashback.


Male | Late 30s - 40s | Latino

Supporting - 1 day - $300/day

Eric’s proud and strong-willed father. Carlos is disappointed with Eric’s decision not to attend college and doesn’t approve of Kyle or their business idea.


Female | Lates 30s - 40s | Caucasian or Latina

Supporting - 1 day - $300/day

A mother with as strong a will as her husband, but also a keeper of the peace. Vanessa has more faith in Kyle and Eric’s choices.


Female | 18 - 22 | Any Ethnicity

1 day - $150

One of Kyle's co-workers at the coffee shop


Females | ages 16 and under | Latina or Bi-Racial

1 day - $150

Eric's younger sisters who join the family at the dinner table.


Male | 50s | Caucasian

1 day - $150

The Laundromat owner.


Males | high school age | Any Ethnicity

1 day - $150 (no lines)

Classmates who pick on Eric during a flashback in high school.


Females and Males | high school age | Any Ethnicity

1 day - $150 (no lines)

Classmates who are briefly seen rehearsing with Kyle in a flashback scene.


Male | 30s - 40s | Any Ethnicity

1 day - $150 (no lines)

A businessman who picks up a coffee to go at the coffee shop where Kyle works.


Female and Male | 20s | Any Ethnicity

1 day - $150 (no lines)

A couple enjoying a tender moment at the coffee shop where Kyle works.


Submission Information:

  1. We are opening up self-tapes for any role that you are interested in submitting for.   

  2. There are four roles with no lines, to submit for those, just fill out the Google Form below and we will submit your headshot/profile.

  3. Below are PDFs with audition sides for each role.  Please have someone read the other lines off camera to you so you can react.  These are not marked exactly where to "start" and "stop," so just use your best judgement based on the role you're doing. (Note the 2 leads have multiples sides.  You do not have to do all of them if you are submitting for those roles, just gives some different material to work with)

  4. Start off by slating your name and agency and role you are reading for. And then you can go into the scene.  Medium shot, mid-chest up.  (Remember if you are using your phone to turn it sideways so you are filming horizontally).  One video clip please, you do not need to put slate in separate.

  5. Upload your video to the link below.  Please compress if you need to, having it under 100 MB. 

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