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Goodwill - Photo Shoot Campaign

Job Details:



Goodwill Foundation of Central & Southern Indiana



Still Photography for Goodwill Foundation Campaign

Background: This Goodwill of Central & Southern IN Campaign is all about getting Indiana’s infant/baby mortality and illness rates under control. The spots will be raising awareness in the State of Indiana funds for mothers in rural areas and low-income brackets who need help preparing for their babies and caring for them. The hope is that, in a year or two as the program grows, the service will branch out to more cities in Indiana and be available to everyone, no matter their income or address…


Wednesday 11/29 and Thursday 11/30, backup date Friday 12/1

*Some talent may only be needed 1 day, some may work 2nd day too





2 Years - Indiana for print/OOH/web/social media

Still photography only


Adults -
Session (10 hr) - $500 

Usage - $2,200
=$2,700 total (less commission)

Adult 2nd day (if needed) - $400 (4 hr), (less commission)



Session (4 hr) - $200

Usage - $500
=$700 total (less commission)

*Travel / Hotel provided for out of state talent



MOM (3 different Moms)

Female | 18 - 30 | Black, White, Hispanic

Authentic, real-looking people.  Not overly model-like.


NURSE (2 Nurses)

Female | 30 - 55 | Black, White

Authentic, real-looking people.  Not overly model-like.


Male | 20 - mid 30s | Black, White, Hispanic, Bi-Racial

Authentic, real-looking people.  Not overly model-like.


Male or Female | Newborn - 2 months | Black, White, Hispanic, Bi-Racial


Male or Female | 6 months - 10 months | Black, White, Hispanic, Bi-Racial


Male or Female | 1 - 2 years | Black, White, Hispanic, Bi-Racial


Submission Information:

  1. Please reply to the Google Form to let us know if you are auditioning or not, as well as any conflicts.

  2. Even though the actual job is still photography, they would like to see a video audition.  Below is a PDF with instructions for the video audition.

  3. Please self-tape and upload to the button below.  If you use your phone to record with, remember to turn phone sideways so you are recording horizontally not vertically.  If you need any self-taping tips, please visit: 

  4. If you need to come into the office to tape, we have time tomorrow (Thursday, the 2nd) between 1PM - 4PM.  Just let us know if you need to come in.

  5. For the infant/baby/toddler roles - current digital photos are fine, you don't need to do a video.  Just upload to the video uploader link below, as well.  Make sure they are named, so we know who the baby is.

  6. Auditions Due FRIDAY (3rd) by 3PM please.

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