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Hancock Health Cancer Center Auditions

Job Details:



Hancock Health



Commercial for their Cancer Center




Virtual Callback - mid-week next week (around 12/6)

Shoots - moved to: Thursday, 12/14 (full day)



Indianapolis area



1 Year - digital/social media (organic + paid ads)



Adults: $ 800 (less commission)

Kids: $ 500 (less commission)

*They are preferring working as local hire - we will try to push for a gas stipend for out of state talent, but can't guarantee


(All non-speaking principal roles, will really be reliant on facial expressions, etc.)


Female | 40 - 65 | All Ethnicities

You are portraying a woman battling breast cancer, but this doesn't stop you from taking care of your farm and animals, with the support of your family.



Male | 40 - 65 | All Ethnicities

You are portraying a man battling lung cancer, but still likes to keep hs sense of humor with dad jokes, etc.  You'll be reading a bedtime story to your daughter.  (They have age range 40-65, so can be open to being a grandfather reading to his granddaughter, too)


Female | ages 4-7, but probably could extend a little older| All Ethnicities

She is enjoying spending quality time with her dad as he reads her a bedtime story.  This time means even more now since her dad is battling cancer.



Submission Information:

  1. Please reply to the Google Form to let us know if you are auditioning or not.  And if you would like to come into the office to tape your audition, there is an option to mark on there, we will be taping Thursday between 1PM - 4PM.

  2. There is a PDF below with audition directions for each role.  You are acting out these's OK to talk/ad-lib for the sake of the audition, even though the actual spot will be all voiceover, with no lines.  Again, really make sure you are showing emotion and expression with your delivery. 

  3. Please self-tape and upload to the button below by Friday, 9AM.   If you use your phone to record with, remember to turn phone sideways so you are recording horizontally not vertically.  If you need any self-taping tips, please visit: 

  4. Auditions Due FRIDAY (12/1) at 9AM.

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