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Ladybug Short Film

Job Details:





Short Film



SAG-AFTRA (approved interim agreement)

*only the 1 speaking role will be run through as a SAG agreement, the extras/featured extras will not, so being non-union is fine.


Shoot Location:

Indianapolis, IN


Shoot Dates:

See below for dates for each role

*each person only shoots 1 day


Featured Extras / Extras - $100 per day  (we are only taking 10% commission on this job)

*Must work as local, no hotel/travel stipends


Featured Extras / Extras:

Shooting range scene - Saturday, September 23rd

*Portraying being on a shooting range, but it will be a set, not actual range

*Guns used will be bb guns and the actual firing will be done in post-production with effects, so you won't be firing a real gun.


  • Newlywed couple: A man and a woman in their late 20s. 

  • Hispanic man: 30s +

  • Punkish Asian woman: 20-40s 

  • Male Coach, 20s - 50s, non-caucasian

  • Girl around 11-15 with her Dad (30s +), any ethnicity

  • More extras dressing the scene, maybe 6 more: All ethnicities.


NRA scene - Sunday, September 24th


  • We are looking to get 20 extras for this scene. Hopefully 10 men and 10 women. Different ethnicities but mainly Caucasian. ages range from early 20s to 60s.  Some would be NRA workers coming out for their lunch break, so business attire; a young couple coming to buy some guns; a woman sitting on a bench looking at her phone while eating a to-go salad.. etc.  


  • 2nd Security Guard - male, 20s/30s.



Submission Information:

  1. Please reply to the Google Form to let us know if you are interested in this project, as well as any conflicts.

  2. The script is below if you would like to read it.

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