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LEGO / Target Short

Job Details:




Short Film - to focus on exclusive LEGO set for Target, tying in with Warner Bros.




Web only (no broadcast)    

In Perpetuity (although I would suspect the spot would actually only be used 2 years or less)

Shoot Date: 

Each actor needed 2 days

Exact Dates TBD, will be between April 21 -25th

Shooting in Cincinnati area


Lead (Child) - $1,000/day x 2 days = $2,000 (less commission)

2nd Child & Adults - $500/day x 2 days = $1,000 (less commission)

*They will do 1 night hotel, so later start time on first day in case traveling in, hotel that night, and then try to end earlier 2nd day, so there is plenty of time to travel back.



Female and Male | 7-12 | Any Ethnicity

Expressive, outgoing.


Female and Male | 7 - 12 | Any Ethnicity


Female | Late 20s - 40s | Any Ethnicity


Male | Late 20s - 40s | Any Ethnicity

Submission Information:

1. Respond to GOOGLE FORM listed below so we know who is and isn't auditioning.  And list any conflicts for any days you would NOT be available during that time frame.

2. The actual video is non-speaking, but the director would like to see a quick audition video of each person:

     -Start out telling a little bit about yourself (just to give him an idea of personality)

     -The spot centers around the lead child opening a gift and everyone being excited.  So, after you introduce yourself, do a reaction shot reflecting this.  So kids - pretend you are opening a gift and you are amazed and excited when you see what's inside.  Big Smiles, etc.  And adults - same thing, but just pretend you are watching your child open a gift and are happy with anticipation and then taking joy in how excited they are.

3.  Upload the video to the link below.  Auditions due by 3PM Wednesday please.

​4. Auditions must be less than 60MB  (Videos can be resized here -->

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