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Herff Jones "Leprechaun" audition

Job Details:


Herff Jones

(they do the class rings, graduation stuff for seniors, etc.)


Video Shoot - 2 videos for their social media channels




Buyout - Social Media/Web (to be used around St. Patrick's Day)

Shoot Date: 

Half-Day Shoot

Either this Friday (10th) or Monday (13th), still working out details.

Put availability on Google Form.

Indianapolis, IN 


$1,300 (minus agency commission)

Must work as local (no travel stipends)


Lloyd the Leprechaun

Male | 20s - 50s | Any Ethnicity

Leprechaun. Over the top character. Could be gruff or Buddy the elf like or whatever the actor brings to the table. Just needs to be fun/funny/likable. Height doesn't matter.

Submission Information:

1. Respond to GOOGLE FORM listed below so we know who is and isn't auditioning.  And list availability for both possible shoot dates.

2. Audition script is on the PDF below.  You can frame the shot mid-chest up.  Have fun with it!  You don't need to dress up in a leprechaun costume, they just need to see what you can do with the character.

3.  Upload the video to the link below.  Auditions due tomorrow by 3PM please.

​4. Auditions must be less than 60MB  (Videos can be resized here -->

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