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LG&E Audition

Job Details:


LG&E (Louisville Gas & Electric) / Kentucky Utilities Company


Solar Share "Fishing" Commercial




2 Years - Kentucky regional buyout - multiple spots/cutdowns for TV/Radio, OTT/Streaming, CTV, web, digital, social media, and industrial.  (Will only take stills for web banner placement)

Shoot Dates: 

Tentatively set for either Friday, April 28th OR Monday, May 1st, with rain date of May 2nd.


Louisville, KY area


Session ($800) + Usage ($1,200) = $2,000 total per talent (less commission)

Mileage/hotel/$50 per diem provided for non-local talent.

(IF chosen for radio, $1,200 per talent (less commission)


Please list if you have been in any LG&E or other utility (gas, electric, water) spot in the past 3 years.



*If you overlap in age, please pick one role that you match most with and audition for that one.

LG&E Guy (Spokesperson)

Male | 40s - 50s | Any Ethnicity

Should be charismatic, with a wry sense of humor.  He should come across as knowledgeable, likeable and witty.  He's also pretty put-together and has never been seen not wearing his signature suit.  Think Mayhem from the All State commercials meets Paul F. Thompkins.

Mark the Fisherman

Male | 30s - 40s | White

Mark is an average looking guy.  He spends all his time on his fishing boat, in hopes of catching "the big one."  He's friendly, familiar and most importantly, really into "lake life."

*Please note - actors should be comfortable being around water or in water.  The Fisherman role will be "pulled" overboard a couple of times.  They'll be working in the shallow parts of the water, but still should be OK with being in it.  And the spokersperson guy will be driving around in a boat, so still around water.



Audition Information:

  • Please respond to the Google Form button below to let us know either way whether you plan on auditioning for this, as well as any conflict dates, etc.

  • Below are PDF with audition instructions and the script to perform to camera.

  • If you need self-taping tips/samples, please visit:

  • Self-taped auditions can be uploaded to the upload button below.  Please have videos 60 MB or less.  If you need to resize/compress your file, there are several free online converters, such as this one you can use:

  • Deadline for auditions:  Monday (17th) 9AM at the latest, but we would love if you could get in by Friday before 5PM.

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