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Hoosier Lottery 

Job Details:


Hoosier Lottery



"Cash Blitz" commercial





12 weeks - all media - Indiana


Shoot Date: 

Fitting (2 hours ) Wednesday 11/29

Filming (Full Day) Thursday 11/30





Session/Usage - $ 1,000 (less commission)

Fitting - $ 75

*Must work as local, they are wanting Indiana residents only


Self-Tape, due tomorrow (Thursday, 11/16) by 3PM

Possible Virtual Call




Male |30s - 40s | African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Middle-Eastern

He is somewhat small in stature, especially compared to a big wrestler.  He is slightly gawky/awkard.  He is super excited about meeting Blitz Bro and can do fun wrestling/muscle man poses.


Female |mid 40s - mid 60s | Caucasian

She is nonplussed at what is unfolding before her --she's seen this chaos before.  She has comical/subtle facial abilities.  Should be played small/subtle.

Self-Tape Audition Information:

  • Please reply via the Google Form to let us know if you plan to audition for this job or not.

  • There are 2 PDFs below.  One is the whole concept/script.  Please read through so you understand the concept and tone.  The other has specific notes for each role's audition.

  • Keep medium shot, so we can see your facial expressions.  Remember to say your name and agency before going into your audition.  All one video file.

  • If you are using your phone to record, be sure to turn sideways so you are recording horizontally.  Not vertically.  (Do not use Tik-Tok, etc. to record)

  • Self-tapes are due tomorrow (Thursday the 16th), by 3PM, please.  You can upload to the link below.  If you need assistance taping, you can come into the office Thursday between 12 and 3PM, mark that on the Google Form.

  • Please check out this page if you need self-taping tips:   click here.

Audition Script:

Google Form / Uploader:

File size 60MB or less.  .Mov or .mp4 format

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