One America - Audition

Job Details:



One America



"The Things We Keep" video






1 year - web/digital/social; some stills may be used for print materials at trade show booth; no paid media spend behind this.


Thursday, January 20th in Indianapolis (approx 4 hours on set)


Speaking Roles - $ 1,000

Non-Speaking Roles - $ 600

*fees less our commission

*must work as local, no travel fees/hotel provided.



Self-taped auditions - due Tuesday (11th) by 10AM



*Note for all roles - For these couples, the client would love real couples if possible.  Each set has a speaking/non-speaking role, so if you have a real family member who maybe isn't comfortable speaking, they could do OK being the supportive non-speaking role.  They just thought it may make more authentic chemistry to have real couples.  With that being said - they are also completely open to having individuals audition and pairing them together.  For the newlywed couple, they'd love to have a same-sex couple, but also open to female-male couples.


Female and Male | 60s or older | Any ethnicity

They initially had a couple in their 80s, but I'm going to extend to 60s or older.  The main thing they want to portray a couple who have been together for many years.  They have a good banter between them and have years of time together.  Wife is speaking role; Husband is non-speaking.


Female and Male | 20s / early 30s | Any ethnicity

They would love to see a same-sex couple for this, but also open to female-male couples.  This couple is optimistic and hopeful.  Full of love and future admiration for each other.  Only one is the speaking role, other is non-speaking.

FATHER - 60s / DAUGHTER - 40s

Female and Male | Any ethnicity

Father who loves his adult daughter and still thinks of her as a little kid.  Remembers fondly of what it was like when she was little.  Dad is speaking role; daughter is non-speaking.


Female | 50s | Any Ethnicity

This is a single woman on camera.  She fondly remembers her grandma's cooking.  Speaking role.


Audition Information:

  1. Please reply to the Google form to let us know if you are auditioning or not (and list the name of any real family members/spouses/partners who will auditioning with you, if any)

  2. Below is a PDF with the audition instructions.  

  3. Medium shot (mid-chest up) is fine for audition.  

  4. There is a button below you can upload your video file (due by Tuesday, 10am)

  5. If you need any self-tape tips, click here