Stewart Pet Treats - Audition

Job Details:



Stewart Pet Treats



Online Video + A Tik-Tok/Reel






2 years - web/digital/social


Tuesday, July 26th in Indianapolis


$1,750 (less commission)

*must work as local, no travel fees/hotel provided.



Self-taped auditions - due tomorrow, Tuesday the 19th by 3pm

*extended - if you can get audition tonight uploaded, I can add in the morning to the package.



*You can audition for both if you want, just do them as two separate videos files.  Or you can just audition for one or the other, your choice.  Both are speaking principal roles, the difference is one is shot as a Tik-Tok style video.


Female | Late 20s - mid 30s | Any ethnicity

Stylish, friendly, strongly loves and cares about her dog; willing to spend money on high quality food/treats for it.


Female | Late 20s - mid 30s | Any ethnicity

Same kind of vibe as Ana above:  stylish, friendly, loves her dog, except this one is done in a Tik-Tok selfie style.


Audition Information:

  1. Please reply to the Google form to let us know if you are auditioning or not.

  2. Below is a PDF with the audition instructions for each role.  The age range is the same for both roles, so if you feel like you could do either version, you are welcome to audition for both roles.  Please do them as separate video auditions, though. (2 separate video files) And please make sure you label each file with the role.

  3. There is a button below you can upload your video file 

  4. If you need any self-tape tips, click here