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Preceon Smart Corn Casting

Job Details:



Preceon Smart Corn

(It's essentially corn that was designed to grow shorter stalks.  Better for environment/climate.)


Stills + Video Captured

(No scripted lines)




2 Years - Unlimited use, excluding broadcast/streaming

Location/Shoot Dates:
This project is shooting in two phases, Part 1 will shoot 8/9 and 8/10 (each talent only needed 1 day).

1 Day - Fowler, IN

1 Day - Delphi, IN

Part 2 will shoot in harvest time in September, exact dates TBD, but they are wanting to cast for all roles now.


Session + Usage = $1,200 (less our commission)

Plus $100 flat gas stipend

*If call time is early on shoot day, production will provide a hotel night before

*Talent will provide their own wardrobe and client will want to review what they have availabe prior to the shoot



They are breaking down into 3 general roles/specs, so if you are a little outside of the age range, just go with the role that is closest to you.  You will be portraying someone on a farm.  Personality is energetic, established, no-nonsense, optimistic.


30s - 40s


50s - 60s


30s - 50s

Submission Information:

  1. The casting director, Trigger Casting out of Chicago, has a link where you can directly upload your photo/video to them.  Link is below.  On their form, there is a dropdown where you can select Talent Fusion as your agency. This is due to them by this Friday, 7/28, 11AM.

  2. The Google Form button below is for Talent Fusion, just so we know who is auditioning and who is not.  Please reply to that to let us know.

Instructions from Casting on Photos/Videos to Upload:


  • Headshot or professional photo(s)  

  • Waist up photo, nice natural smile with teeth

  • Full length photo



Video #1:

Hey my name is and I am ----feet tall....(only name and height please), show us your hands (both sides) and let us know if you have any visible tattoos.  For the Guys, let us know if you are willing to shave.  


NEXT....Video #2: Answer these questions 

1. Any farm experience ?- (it's okay if no, but any experience being in around farms would be a good to know.)

2. Do you have any outdoor hobbies? 

3. What's the toughest physical job you've ever done? 

(Ultimately we want you to look as home as possible in a corn field, standing next to a tractor etc, so anything that helps with that is fantastic)

*Remember to dress the part during the audition, something more farm-like.

Videos/Photos due to the Casting Link by this Friday, 7/28, 11AM

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