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Receipts Short Film

Job Details:





Short Film (High School Capstone Project)

*Bayonet Media will be mentoring this project, so should be a high production value




Shoot Location:

Indianapolis, IN area


Shoot Dates:

TBD - I think once cast is assembled, they will work out a schedule to accommodate people, most likely on weekends or maybe an evening.  It could be a few days stretched out over a few different weekends.



But will get copy/credit.  (Great for those wanting footage for a reel & credit on a resume)


  • JAMES, to play 17 - Main character

    • Needs to be able to express a range of emotions from annoyance and anger to concern and enlightenment/joy

  • SEAN, to play 17 

    • Best friend of the main character

    • Mostly needs to be a passive bystander, but he's also the one being bullied a lot (including getting pushed into a pool, so the actor has to feign not being able to swim)

  • ETHAN, to play 18

    • Lead antagonist

    • Bully/macho type behaviors

  • GABBY, to play 17  

    • Antagonist, but a follower, not a leader

    • Judge-y and clique-y behaviors

  • LAUREN to play 18

    • Antagonist, but a follower, not a leader

    • Judge-y and clique-y behaviors

  • MOM - late 30s to mid 40s

    • Generally amiable vibes

    • Needs to be able to express a wide range of emotions: care, concern, shock, empathy and love



Submission Information:

  1. Right now, we are just seeing who has interest in submitting for this project.  Please reply to the Google Form to let us know if you are interested in this project.  Director may want an audition from selected people after that.

  2. The script is below if you would like to read it.

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