Vibenomics Audition

Job Details:











Web/Social/trade shows - 5 years (may also be some stills taken from the shoot)

More Business to Business, not consumer


Audition Dates:

Self-Tapes due to us Tuesday (15th) by 3pm

Shoot Date: 

TBD - week of March 14th in Indianapolis

Each actor will work 2 days.  Times will be staggered, so you won't work full days each day.

1 day - shoot during day

1 day - will be an evening/overnight shoot - they are shooting inside a grocery store, so have to do it once they are closed or near closing time.  Will try to get the kid scenes done first that evening, so they aren't out too late.





Adult principals - $1,350 per day (x 2 days = $2,700)

Kid role - $425 per day (x 2 days = $850)

*All fees less our commission

*Must work as local - no travel fees/hotel.



The spot is going to have people doing daily activities while humming, singing or tapping along to a song.


Male | 30S - 40S | Any ethnicity

Sweet, sincere, a good dad.  His playfulness isn't big energy, but more a quiet warmth.


Female| around 7 - 12 | Any ethnicity

She's sweet and not shy, but also not over-the-top energy who always needs attention.  


Male | 20s | Any ethnicity

Smart, a bit nerdy maybe, outgoing but not too over the top.  One scene will be singing in the shower, so you should be comfortable doing that on camera.


Female | 50s - 60s | Any ethnicity

Strong, stylish, low-key and comfortable with herself.

Self-Tape Audition Information:

  • Reply to Google Form first to let us know if you plan on auditioning, if you have any conflicts, etc.

  • Below is a PDF with the audition instructions for each role.

  • Remember to turn your phone sideways to film, so you shoot horizontally not vertically.

  • You can upload your file to the uploader button below. (They are due by Tuesday, 3pm)

  • Please check out this page if you need self-taping tips:   click here.

Audition Instructions:

The song that you can sing/hum during the audition is:

"Baby I'm Yours" by Breakbot

Google Form / Uploader:

File size 50MB or less.  .Mov or .mp4 format