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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of work do your actors and models do?

We submit on commercials, video projects, industrials, film, television, print, fit modeling, promotional modeling, voiceover and live events.  The majority of our work is in the Indianapolis region, although we do have opportunities in Chicago and other markets as well.  In Indianapolis, there is more work for adults than children and teens, but we have roles come through for all age groups.

Do you represent babies?

No, unfortunately, we do not represent infants and toddlers.  We start around age 4 or 5.  There is very little work for children this young in our market.  In the event we do get a job needing an infant, we will post a general casting notice on our Facebook page and parents may reply directly to that.

How do I sign with your agency?

You can visit the "Submit" section of our website for more information on what we look for and how to submit.  There will be an application for you to complete.  The team will review each application and if we feel you might be a match for what we need on the talent board someone will be in touch to set up a meeting.

How much does it cost for you to represent me?

We do not charge you to represent you.  Booking agencies like us make their money from commissions on jobs that are booked.  We get paid when you get paid.  Keep in mind, though, that if you pursue this industry as a career there are tools you will need to invest in outside of an agency, such as professional head shots.  

What if I have a full time job?

In our market the majority of actors and models also have a "day job," since work is so sporadic.  Having another job is fine, you just need to have flexibility.  Most bookings for actors or models will be during the work day, Monday-Friday.  So if you'll never be able to take time off from your other job, this probably won't work.

What if I am new to the do I get started?

Learning your craft is important.  Clients come to us wanting professional talent, so we prefer our actors and models already have some training and experience under their belt before we bring them on. However, we understand everyone has to start somewhere.  We encourage actors to find legitimate acting classes and workshops to help you (do your research).  If you're still in school, consider taking drama class, school plays, church plays, civic theatre, etc.  Everything helps.   Try some student or independent films to help get some experience under your belt and start building up a resume.  

What is your "Mother Agency" division and do I qualify for that?

We have strong relationships with many modeling agencies in larger markets like Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.  If we have stronger models who also fit the size/height requirements, we can submit them to those agencies for consideration.  If one of the agencies decides to sign them on, then they will start booking the model in that market.  Talent Fusion will be your Mother Agency, which is your local agency.  For Chicago, you would need to be willing to drive back and forth for castings and jobs and for the other markets you would need to consider moving or spending an extended amount of time there.  Models 15 years or older.  Females need to be between 5'8 and 6'0 tall, sizes 0-6 or 12-18 for Curve; Males need to be between 6'0 - 6'2, lean bodies (around 40R jacket).

Do you represent musicians?

While some of our talent may also be singers, musicians or dancers, we do not specifically represent or book jobs in those fields.

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